Importance of SMS Marketing for Small Businesses

SMS marketing can lead to tremendous success for small businesses. You may think that only large businesses can use and benefit from SMS marketing, but it works for small businesses too. Whether your text message marketing strategy is still a work in progress or you have not even started, we put together some tips that can help you to develop a successful SMS marketing program for your small business.

Always ask for permission to text

The principal thing you have to do is to get authorization from your customers to contact them. Your customers must opt in. SMS is an incredibly successful promoting strategy, yet sending messages to somebody’s cell phone before you get their consent can be viewed as intrusive. Instead of acquiring a customer’s trust, you’ll procure their doubt – and maybe even anger. Concentrate on customers who want to hear from you via text and you will better spend your efforts.

Create quality content for messages

Composing a text message is easy; however, there are some accepted strategies you should use in order to generate SMS messages with quality content:

Place your business name first. You want to help your customers to easily identify you separately from the spam they will get.


Always utilize a call to action. When you have a strong call to action, it is incredibly helpful in engaging your customers. If your customer wants to click, you will get a conversion. In case you’re facilitating an occasion, a basic RSVP “Yes” catch will permit them to affirm their goal to go to. In case you are giving them a deal or coupon, you can place a map link to help them to get where they are going.

Be particular. Don’t simply declare a deal. Reveal to them what’s on special and what type of deal is advertised. In case you are sharing an event, incorporate a web link to a video, social media post or website so they can discover additional information. Do not assume that that customers will invest energy and cash to take advantage of a deal or event without having enough information to determine if it is worth it to them.

Keep it simple. Using acronyms and shortened text that is not universally understood can confuse your customers. Avoid using all caps unless it is for watchwords, for example, EVENT, DISCOUNT, SALE. Avoid too many exclamations or emoticons. Try not to be smart, clever, adorable, or cool. Keep in mind, your fundamental objective is to offer data to your customers that is simple for them to get it. So be friendly, proficient, and direct in your messages.

Exclusivity is valuable

One of the valuable points of interest for SMS followers is selectiveness. You need to ensure that what you offer to customers through your SMS program is remarkable and not accessible through other short-life mediums — like your website, bulletin, or social media page.

On the off chance that customers know that your offer is just accessible via SMS, they will probably join, focus on your message and make a move.

Leverage timely opportunities

Dissimilar to email, users open the vast majority of SMS messages inside a few minutes of receiving them. In case you are arranging a deal or event, send your message out to SMS customers either day of or the night before the event. SMS is about what is happening right now. Try not to sit idle advancing something seven days early. You’ll miss out on last-minute opportunities.

Determine the best frequency

You have to determine the zone between ignoring your customers and spamming them. A daily message is an excessive amount of for most businesses and brands. Inevitably, customers will stop opening your daily messages or will opt-out completely.

The same thing occurs when you send messages regularly but start to slack in your communication. A dependable guideline is about five messages for each month, or 1-2 messages for every week. An advertising master can help decide the fitting number of messages for your specific industry.

Before you begin your SMS marketing campaign, choose how regularly you will send messages, and plan out several months ahead of time to kick you off. Do your best to stay on top of our plan to send messages. Focus on consistently sharing texts that are valuable to your customers. You will inevitably gain their trust and loyalty.

Monitor and evaluate

Any marketing campaign requires that you monitor and evaluate your results. It is important that you have a tracking system established to gauge the successes, or failures, of your SMS campaign. Test different message styles and time of day shares, and pay attention to open rates and click throughs. You should compare your outcomes to your baseline or prior campaigns. As you learn from these strategies, you can implement them into other campaigns as you move forward.

Begin texting your customers

Your small business is capable of implementing an SMS marketing campaign with great success. These tips can help you to establish and launch your campaign. Before you know it, your small business will reap the rewards of your text message marketing!

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