How Your Business Can Increase Sales Using SMS

Are you looking for a method of advertising that will actually get seen by your recipients?  Looking for a method that will help bring current customers back on demand?  Sending off emails that may get lost in an overflowing inbox or hoping your ad will be noticed on social media may not be very effective methods of marketing.  Text messages or SMS have a read rate of about 98 percent with most users reading their messages within a few minutes of them arriving.  That means that most recipients will look at and read your text message within moments of getting it.  So, how can your business increase sales using SMS text messages?  Learn how to build your SMS lead list and use it to increase sales.

How to Build an SMS Lead List

One of the best methods of creating an SMS lead list is to create a loyalty list after a person has interacted or made a purchase from you.  Ask them if they’d like to receive special offers by SMS text messages, and if they agree to it by opting in, add them to your loyalty list.  Just be sure that you offer them a way to opt-out at a later date to avoid going against marketing legislation.

Ways to add to your loyalty list include offering contests or polls.  People enjoy being able to interact with their favorite brands, and this is a way to get more people opting in to your loyalty list.  You can create a campaign where the person sends a text message to your company that has the keyword or answer.  You can do this through your social media accounts, as well, and get people not only interacting with your brand online but through text messages.  You can’t guarantee that they’ll always see what’s on their Facebook feed, but there’s a very good chance that they’ll almost always see your text message.

A final way to build your loyalty list would be to create customer alerts.  People can sign up to find out when their favorite out of stock products are added back to stock, new products are added, sales being offered, or other information that your customers may be interested in getting.

Where to Build Your SMS Lead List

Your retail location and website aren’t the only places you can work to build your lead list.  Think outside of the box.  When attending conferences, trade shows, and other events where you’re representing your business, have a sign talking about the benefits of your loyalty program with the keyword and number they need to text it to so that they can opt-in.  Be creative in where you set out your sign, and you can even add it to your business card, brochures, and other marketing materials.  

The beauty of text messages is that they are so quick to send off when it comes to typing in a few numbers and sending off a short keyword.  This can go so much faster than filling out a sheet with pen and paper.  You can even use this to gather their email and other information at a later date.

off to a strong start, you should start trying to find ways to use it.  One way to increase sales using SMS texts is using special offer codes.  Send out a text message to your loyalty list with a special code that they can use as a discount when making a purchase.  You can also use this method to build your list if you start marketing in other methods as you can mention this in your ad to get people to opt in to your loyalty list to gain the latest code.

Open Up SMS Messages to More

Customer service is another great way to use your text messages to customers.  Most customers are looking for more efficient ways to contact companies they do business with when there is a problem with a product or a service.  You can invite comments and questions through text messages.  Simple issues can be easily resolved in this manner, and if you need to escalate to a phone call, it’s easy enough to do through a text message as more than likely they’ll already have their phone in hand.  This can be the right step towards a positive brand image.

SMS Text Message Basics   

Just a few things to keep in mind when writing up your text messages.  Remember that they’re not unlimited with characters.  Similar to Twitter, you’ll have to keep your messages concise and to the point.  You’ll have 160 characters in a message.  You’ll want to be clear about the offer up for grabs, and write a catchy beginning to get attention.  Avoid using abbreviations that may be confused.  A strong call to action and a time-sensitive message are both ways to get positive results.  

You can help your business to increase sales through the use of SMS text messages by building a loyalty list and using it to stay in touch with your customers.  Offering little discounts, sales, and insider information through a loyalty text program is a good way to get the sales rolling in.  Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and you can do that for your customers through text messages.

Sound like a great idea?  But…sound complicated?  Well it is, and we know that business owners are way too busy to take on such a marketing campaign.  That’s where we come in.  Let us drive traffic to your business.  We will take it off your hands.  Get Powered by PerQify!

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