2017 Marketing Calendar


Planning is critical to every small businesses success. Download and print your FREE 2017 Marketing Calendar for the 2nd Quarter of 2017 at the following link. Identify both the normal and the unique holidays you would like to build promotions around and create your plan.

Marketing Calendar 2017

We will have it updated with Q3 & Q4 very soon. Be sure to join our ‘ENGAGE’ campaign by filling out the information below to be the first to know when the next quarter is available and stay up to date on marketing ideas, upcoming events, and tools built to serve you – the LOCAL business owner! LOCAL businesses are the backbone of our communities. By working together we can compete against the national chains and online mega retailers.

Sharable Mobile Coupon

In the initial text you will receive from signing up you will find a link to an example coupon.

Our new Sharable Mobile Coupon functionality allows businesses to turn their existing customer base into their very own marketing department. Customers can share via Mobile, Facebook, Twitter, and/or their own unique share link via email or other sites. To entice sharing, businesses can offer rewards based on the number of shares that are redeemed. It is all digitally tracked and managed within our system.

We are keeping the instructions very limited for this test. Customers don’t read instructions! We need the functionality to be as intuitive as possible in and of itself.

  1. View the coupon and click around on the various buttons.
  2. Share the coupon via mobile share or link with a friend, spouse, or anyone you can easily let know that you are testing this.
  3. Ask them to redeem the coupon so that you can see the referral reward process. (Rewards are sent at 11:00am after the redemption milestone is met) This test is set for only 1 redemption to earn a reward.
  4. Try the Facebook and Twitter Share buttons but don’t actually post.  As an example it will just be confusing.
  5. Redeem your coupon so you can see the redemption process. It can be set to be redeemed on the customers phone, kiosk, or both.
  6. Give us your feedback.

Thank You!

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